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Begin the day with God, He really wants you to.

As believers in Christ, we need to have set times to fellowship with God, rise up early in the morning to touch Him in our time with Him, draw near to Him, enjoy Him, and absorb Him. Before we can do any work with God and for God, we need enjoy Him and rest in Him.

We as believers need to enter into our personal and private room, shut our door, and pray to the Father who is in secret; we need to spend time in secret, privately, with our Lord, and He who sees in secret will reward us (Matt. 6:6).

If we are just in a public way for the Lord and with the Lord, He is not happy with it; we need to practice spending time with the Lord to fellowship with God, and everything that is seen publicly about our relationship with God should be backed up by our prayer privately and secretly.

We need to find a time and a place to be with Him, spend time with Him, and enjoy Him. In Matthew 14:22-23, right after the Lord fed the five thousand, He didn’t bask in His success but rather, He sent away the crowds and compelled the disciples to get into a boat and cross the lake, so that He would spend much time with the Father. He did not remain in the success of His work; rather, He sent the others away so that He would have more time to pray privately to the Father, being with the Father and having the Father with Him in all that He did for the bringing in of the kingdom of God. If the Lord Himself had such a need and desire, how much more we should have this!

We need to come to the Lord’s word, breathe Him in His word, and receive the word by means of all prayers and petitions (Eph. 6:17-18); all Scripture is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16), and we can breathe in the breathed out word of God. On one hand we exhale what we are and have, and on the other, we inhale what the Lord is and has done for us.

We need to Set aside Time to Fellowship with God Daily, seeking God and Absorbing Him

The best time for us to spend with God is in the morning, before we start the activities of the day; we should set aside a specific time every day to contact the Lord and fellowship with Him. This means that we need to go to be early and not stay up late, for if we stay up late, it will not be easy to wake up in the morning to spend time with the Lord. Our fallen nature encourages us to stay awake, and especially at night there are so many things to watch, to do, to read, or just to waste time on. We need to fight against our fallen nature and realize that we need to go to bed early so that we may rise up early to draw near to God and fellowship with Him. Of course, everyone has their own situation and circumstances, so we need to come to the Lord even concerning our time with Him, asking Him to wake us up in the morning while we set our alarm clock, and telling Him to draw us to Himself to fellowship with Him, telling Him of our desire to spend personal time with the Him, even asking Him to increase our time with Him.

Spending time with the Lord has great benefits for our spiritual life, for the sanity of our mind, and even for our physical body, for the Lord supplies us and nourish us, and He will make us the proper persons according to what He wants as we fellowship with God. Drawing near to God in the morning and fellowshipping with Him is good not only for our spirit (who is fed) and our soul (who is nourished and renewed) but also to our body, for it causes our body to be healthy.

We can’t do this on our own; we need to fellowship with Him concerning how much time we spend with Him, when should we spend our time with Him, and what should we do during this time.

May our first order of business in the morning be to make our soul happy in the Lord by praying the word of God, praying the songs, singing, praising the Lord, and enjoying Him in our fellowship with God!

As we rise up and fellowship with God, we absorb Him. If we find it difficult to spend time with God or be consistent in our time with Him, we need to find another brother or sister who has the heart to practice this in order to remind and encourage one another; we may even want someone else to call us and remind us of our time with the Lord.

Our time with the Lord in the morning is important, and the place where we spend time is also important; we may not have a lot of space where we live to spend time with the Lord, but we can do such things as going outside to pray or finding a corner in one of the rooms to focus on the Lord.

Where there is a will, there is a way; our fellowship with God in the morning is not only a matter of time and our spirit, but also of a place, so we need to set up a time and a place to be with the Lord. And in our time with Him, we should just open to Him and voice what we feel and are and go through; we should speak of our sadness, tell Him of the pressure we’re under, and confess our sins before Him. We should speak genuine words from our heart, not pre-composed prayers and made-up sentences. He knows what we are, what we go through, and what we feel; we should simply trust in Him at all times and pour out our heart before Him, for God is a refuge to us (Psa. 62:8).

We need to come to His word and just pray His word back to Him; when He says, Seek My face, our heart should simply respond, Your face o Lord will I seek (Psa. 27:8).

May we truly enter and live in our fellowship with God day by day so that all our problems would be resolved, we would be properly nourished and supplied, and we would be empowered, enlightened, and enjoy rest.

As we fellowship with the Lord day by day, having set times to absorb Him and be filled with Him, we overcome the trials and temptations and hardships, and we are comforted in our Christian life. May we be before the Lord concerning this and ask Him to strengthen us into our inner man so that we may fellowship with God, contact Him, seek Him, and be filled with Him in our time with Him, and may we ask Him to be our diligence as we spend time with Him daily.

Lord Jesus, we love You; we want to draw near to You and fellowship with You daily. Wake us up in the morning, Lord, to spend time with You in secret and be infused with You. We come to seek Your face. We come to spend time with You to absorb You in Your word. Oh Lord, we pour out all our sorrows, problems, griefs, and situations before You, and we pray over Your word to breathe You in and absorb You. May there be an absorbing of God’s element as we spend time with You. May we have a regular daily time with You to just fellowship with God so that our entire being be strengthened and nourished. Amen Lord, may we realize that our living as Christians depends entirely on our fellowship with God; may we enter into this fellowship and live in this fellowship daily.

Hallelujah, when we fellowship with God we’re empowered, enlightened, we enjoy rest, we rejoice, and we overcome and are being comforted!

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08 de abr. de 2021

Love it!😍I needed this!

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